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Introducing the groundbreaking WHMCS Addon PUQ Customization, brought to you by PUQCloud! We're thrilled to unveil this highly anticipated module that takes your WHMCS functionality to unparalleled heights, packed with a wide range of advanced features! Elevate your WHMCS experience with this incredible module!

VPNStartup Offer

PUQ is pleased to offer a special promotion for startups that are interested in our automated VPN solution. This offer includes discounted prices on WHMCS modules, WISECP modules, and PUQVPNCP server licenses. To be eligible for this promotion, you must have a WHMCS panel and express interest in the VPN industry.

The WISECP Module for Mikrotik WireGuard VPN integrates seamlessly with the WISECP billing system. Once installed, it facilitates the exchange of crucial data needed for customer settlements, such as account activations, service suspensions, and billing details. This integration ensures that customer accounts are automatically updated in the billing system based on their VPN service usage, making the entire process efficient and reducing manual workload.
Yes, the WISECP Module is designed to fully manage the lifecycle of WireGuard VPN accounts. It handles the creation, edition, and suspension of these accounts. This means when a customer purchases, modifies, or cancels a VPN service, the module automatically reflects these changes in both the VPN account settings and the WISECP billing system, ensuring consistent and accurate account management.
By automating the management of WireGuard VPN accounts, it reduces administrative overhead, allowing companies to focus more on customer service and less on manual account management. Additionally, the integration with the WISECP billing system streamlines the billing and account management processes, improving overall efficiency and customer satisfaction. This module also enables IT companies to offer a high-demand service, which is WireGuard VPN, thereby potentially increasing their customer base and revenue streams.
The WISECP Module Mikrotik WireGuard Business-VPN is tailored to meet the specific needs of business clients. It provides advanced features that allow businesses to manage their VPN accounts more effectively. This includes the capability for businesses to customize their VPN settings according to their unique security and networking requirements. The module also ensures that the management of these accounts is streamlined with the company's existing billing and service systems, thereby offering a more cohesive, efficient experience that is particularly beneficial for business clients with more complex VPN needs.
The integration of the WISECP Module with Mikrotik WireGuard offers several advantages for IT companies. Firstly, it automates the process of managing VPN accounts, which saves time and reduces the potential for human error. This automation includes the creation, modification, and suspension of accounts, which is particularly useful for handling a large number of business clients. Secondly, the seamless integration with the WISECP billing system ensures that billing and account management are synchronized, which simplifies the financial operations and improves accuracy in billing. Lastly, by offering WireGuard VPN services, IT companies can expand their service portfolio, appealing to a wider range of clients, especially those requiring high-security VPN solutions.
Yes, one of the key features of the WISECP Module Mikrotik WireGuard Business-VPN is that it empowers business clients with the capability to manage their own VPN settings. This self-service aspect is particularly important for business clients who require frequent adjustments to their VPN configurations to suit their changing needs. The module provides an interface where clients can modify settings, allowing for a degree of customization and control that is highly valued by business users. This feature not only enhances client satisfaction but also reduces the management workload for the IT service provider.
The WHMCS Module Mikrotik WireGuard VPN provides IT companies with a powerful tool to expand their service offerings by enabling them to offer paid WireGuard VPN accounts. This module integrates seamlessly with the WHMCS billing system, automating the entire process of creating, editing, and suspending WireGuard VPN accounts. It streamlines the interaction between the VPN services and the billing system, ensuring accurate and timely settlements with customers. This automation not only enhances operational efficiency but also allows IT companies to focus on expanding their customer base and improving service quality without being bogged down by administrative tasks.
The WHMCS Module Mikrotik WireGuard VPN significantly enhances customer service by ensuring smooth and rapid activations of VPN accounts as well as efficient service blocking when necessary. When a customer purchases a VPN service, the module automatically activates the account and integrates it with the WHMCS billing system, which means customers can start using their VPN service almost immediately. In cases where service blocking is required, such as for non-payment or breach of terms, the module can swiftly suspend the service. This quick response in both activation and suspension not only maintains the integrity of the service but also improves customer satisfaction by providing a reliable and responsive service experience.
The WHMCS Module WireGuard Business - VPN is specially designed with features that cater to the needs of business customers. It allows for the creation and management of VPN accounts that are more suited to business use, such as supporting multiple simultaneous connections, offering enhanced security protocols, and providing higher bandwidth options. The module's integration with the WHMCS billing system streamlines the process of billing and account management, making it easier for businesses to manage their subscriptions. Furthermore, the ability to tailor VPN services to specific business requirements makes this module an ideal solution for companies looking for a reliable and secure VPN service.
The "VPNStartup" promo code offers a significant discount, making the PUQVPNCP control panel license 90% cheaper. This is especially beneficial for businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises or startups, as it significantly reduces the initial cost of setting up a WireGuard Business - VPN service. Lowering the financial barriers allows these businesses to invest in robust VPN solutions without a substantial initial expenditure, enabling them to secure their networks and improve their service offerings to their clients more affordably.
The WHMCS Module Jellyfin significantly enhances a company's capability to offer public media services by providing a streamlined process for managing Jellyfin accounts. By facilitating the creation and management of customer accounts on a pre-configured Jellyfin server, the module enables companies to sell various media packages at different price points. This setup allows for a more organized and efficient way of offering a wide range of media content to customers. Additionally, the module's integration with the Jellyfin API ensures smooth and reliable client account management, making the service user-friendly both for the company and its customers.
Yes, one of the key features of the WHMCS Module Jellyfin is that it empowers clients to manage their own media devices and libraries. This client-side functionality significantly enhances the user experience, as it provides customers with autonomy over their media content. Clients can customize their library, add or remove devices, and adjust their viewing settings according to their preferences. This level of personalization not only improves customer satisfaction but also reduces the administrative workload for the service provider, as clients can handle many aspects of their account management independently.
The WISECP Module Jellyfin is specifically designed to integrate with a pre-configured Jellyfin server, enabling companies to offer public media services directly to their customers. Through this module, companies can easily create and manage Jellyfin accounts for customers, allowing them to access various media content. The module supports the sale of different media packages at diverse price points, catering to a wide range of customer preferences. By utilizing the Jellyfin API for client account management, this module ensures a seamless and efficient operation, from account creation to service delivery, all within the familiar WISECP environment.
The WISECP Module Jellyfin offers comprehensive administrative capabilities that are crucial for effective service management. Administrators can suspend, terminate, or unsuspend user accounts, which is vital for enforcing service agreements and managing non-compliance or payment issues. The ability to change user passwords is also included, enhancing account security and helping in situations where users have lost access to their accounts. These administrative tools provide the service provider with full control over the user accounts, ensuring the ability to maintain service quality and address any issues promptly.
Yes, clients have the ability to manage their devices and libraries through the WISECP Module Emby. This client-side functionality greatly enhances the user experience, as it provides customers with direct control over their media consumption. Clients can add or remove devices, organize their media libraries, and adjust settings according to their preferences. This level of autonomy not only improves customer satisfaction but also reduces the workload for administrators, as clients can handle many aspects of their account management independently.
The WISECP Module Emby provides comprehensive administrative controls, enabling service providers to effectively manage customer accounts. Administrators can suspend, terminate, or unsuspend user accounts as needed, which is essential for compliance with service policies or in response to payment issues. Additionally, the ability to change user passwords adds an extra layer of security management. These administrative features ensure that service providers have full control over the user accounts, allowing them to maintain high service standards and promptly address any account-related issues.
The WHMCS Module Emby is designed to streamline the process of offering public media services via Emby accounts. It enables companies to create customer accounts on a pre-configured Emby server, facilitating the sale of a variety of media packages at different pricing levels. This flexibility allows companies to cater to a broad spectrum of customer preferences and budgets. The integration with the Emby API ensures efficient client account management, making the process of subscribing to and using media services seamless and user-friendly for both the service provider and the customers.
Yes, the WHMCS Module Emby allows clients to independently manage their media devices and libraries. This feature gives clients control over their personal media experience, enabling them to customize their libraries, add or remove devices, and manage how they access their media content. This autonomy not only enhances the overall user experience by providing personalization but also reduces the administrative burden on the service provider. Clients can make most adjustments to their accounts themselves, freeing up provider resources and focusing on other aspects of service improvement.

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