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We are a company located in Poland. Here is a link to the government portal with information about us.

If the IT technical department in your company does not bring you measurable benefits, we optimize these costs using the outsourcing method. The benefit for you and your customers is the safety of services and the reduction of their costs. And for companies in the IT area – we are looking for technology and business partners

The solutions we offer are the basis for the operation of many companies, and actually the entire economy. The industry is not important to us, but rather the quality or characteristics of the companies. The advantage of our offer is full control and management of our own IT infrastructure, which consists of: servers, routers, independently leased, independent, inter-operator, backbone internet connections. Our infrastructure is collocated in a professional TIER 3 / Rated 3 data center (according to the ANSI / TIA-942 standard). Our own infrastructure in the high availability mode (HA) gives us the basis for providing the highest quality services for demanding customers. What distinguishes us from large companies such as Microsoft, Google, etc. is a completely different understanding and approach to data privacy. For us, the client is not a product, a source of obtaining data for indexation and selling animated data to other companies for correlation and analysis.

A client who understands or at least wants to know how the current mechanisms of data collection in clouds and Big-Data processing work will think twice before entrusting data in their possession to large data warehouses.

For customers who value data security and privacy and understand that data is one of the company’s most important resources, our offer is a practical alternative. In addition, by using open-source solutions, we do not bind the client, unlike the largest players, with any specific solution. The client remains free and can move the data to another place. We focus on companies with 10 or more employees. We offer necessary web solutions for such companies. We focus on a few selected areas that we are able to provide at the highest world level, such as:

  1. corporate email servers supporting group work
  2. fully encrypted group work mechanisms as an alternative to Office365 in terms of security, privacy and prices based on the NextCloud system
  3. private WEB servers for demanding stores and websites with high load
  4. completely private videoconferencing servers
  5. protection of internal IT infrastructure with the use of VPN
  6. solutions for creating and managing backups
  7. IT infrastructure management in companies

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