Development Licenses Regulations

Development Licenses Regulations

  1. Introduction

    Development Licenses (hereinafter referred to as "Licenses") are provided to you by PUQ sp. z o.o., exclusively for the purpose of software development and testing. This regulation outlines the rules for using the Licenses and the limitations associated with their use.
  2. Rights and Obligations

    1. Ownership of License: Licenses are provided to you on a temporary and limited basis solely for development and testing purposes. They remain the property of PUQ sp. z o.o. and cannot be transferred or sold to third parties.
    2. Restrictions: Within the scope of using the Licenses, you agree to the following restrictions:
      1. Server Modification: You may not alter the server on which the License is hosted, as there is no functionality in Development Licenses for transferring the License to another server.
      2. Duration: The License is valid for one year from the date of issuance. Upon expiration, the License automatically becomes invalid.
      3. License Withdrawal: PUQ sp. z o.o. reserves the right to withdraw the Licenses at any time without prior notice.
  3. Liability

    1. Use at Your Own Risk: You use the Licenses at your own risk. PUQ sp. z o.o. shall not be held responsible for any potential negative consequences associated with the use of the Licenses.
    2. Support and Maintenance: The Licenses are provided "as is," without warranties of support, maintenance, or technical assistance from PUQ sp. z o.o.
  4. Final Provisions

    1. Acceptance of Regulations: By using the Licenses, you agree to the terms of this regulation.
    2. Regulation Changes: PUQ sp. z o.o. reserves the right to amend this regulation without prior notice.
    3. Effective Date: This regulation is effective from the date of publication until amended or revoked by PUQ sp. z o.o.

By reading and accepting the terms of this regulation, you commit to adhering to its provisions when using the Licenses.

Effective Date: 11.09.2023

PUQ sp. z o.o.

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