What are the capabilities of the customer panel?

The server panel allows you to monitor the system's status and settings.

To access the described resources, you need to log in to the panel using the following link: https://puq.pl/login/

After logging in, locate your services.

Next, find the "Private Zimbra Mail Server" service and select it to go to the management page.

On the service management page, you will find information regarding your service.

The page is divided into two tabs: "Server Information" and "Resource Usage."

The "Server Information" tab includes the following parameters and descriptions:

 Parameter  Description

 Registration Date

 The date of service registration.

 Recurring Fee

 The amount of recurring payment.

 Billing Cycle

 The frequency of billing (monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly, depending on the service).

 Next Payment Due

 Date of the next payment due.

 Payment Method

 The selected payment method.


 The assigned hostname displayed in this field.

 Main IP Address

 The server's IP address on the network

 Customer Panel Address (WEBmail)

 The displayed address (link) to access the WEBmail panel.

 Administrative Panel Address

 The displayed address (link) to access the mail server's administrative panel, where you can manage employee/user accounts of the subscribed service.

 Total Space

 The total available disk space allocated to your server.

 Used Space

 The amount of disk space you have utilized.

Below these parameters, a user table is displayed, providing information about each company/user associated with the service.

 Parameter  Description


 The username/email address.

 Usage %

 The percentage of space used in relation to the Limit GB field.

 Used GB

 The amount of space utilized by the user.

 Limit GB

 Limit GB The allocated disk space for the user.


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