Ready to improve your company's email? Discover Private Mail Server!

We offer Private Mail Server - an innovative Zimbra email solution that is perfect for businesses.

Our Private Mail Server with Zimbra stands out from similar services offered by large corporations, thanks to our individualized and professional approach to each client, as well as high-quality technical support.

Our mail system provides advanced features such as a comprehensive calendar, easy email account and domain management, up to 600 GB storage capacity, unlimited transfers, domains, and email accounts, as well as dedicated IP address, Reverse DNS, and DKIM for secure and confidential message transmission.

Importantly, we do not use our clients' data for advertising purposes, we do not index them as large corporations do, and we do not push unnecessary advertisements to our clients.

We understand that every company is different and has specific needs. Therefore, we offer flexibility and tailor our services to the individual requirements of our clients, ensuring the best quality and security that sets us apart from other large corporations.

Our company provides 24/7 service monitoring to ensure the highest quality and security. Rest assured that we will always notice any difficulty, no matter how small, and promptly inform you. Whatever happens, we strive to resolve any issue as quickly and efficiently as possible from the very beginning.

Additionally, our Private Mail Server with Zimbra service includes paid technical support and backup to provide peace of mind and security to our clients. Regular backups guarantee that even in the event of a failure in your company, your data remains safe, and you won't risk losing it.

By choosing our service, you not only gain an advanced mail platform but also the assurance that your data is in the best hands and protected from any threats. Our company focuses on complete customer satisfaction, providing individualized approaches, professional support, and commitment to fulfilling their business needs.

Order Private Mail Server now and experience its unparalleled quality!

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