Synology provisioning WHMCS module

Module Version
Synology DSM


The module gives the company the ability to offer user accounts on Synology devices. Users can have multiple accounts. Accounts may differ with parameters defined in groups. The module requires an existing, fully deployed Synology machine with properly configured groups and other options (more information later in the manual). The module does not support the installation or configuration of DSM on Synology machines in any way.

Module Functions:

  • Auto create and deploy account on Synology
  • The module uses only the API to manage the accounts
  • Module supports multilingualism
  • The module shows the current and history of data usage by the user
  • The module notifies the user about exceeding the data limit
  • Link to instructions for setting up the service in the client area.
Available options in the admin panel:
  • Create users
  • Suspend users
  • Unsuspend users
  • Terminate users
  • Change users password
  • Change Package
  • API connection status
  • Disk status
Available options in the client panel:
  • Change user password
  • Change Package
  • Disk status
  • Using disk space statistics



WHMCS minimal version

Synology DSM minimal version
8 +

DSM 6+