WHMCS module installation service


For customers who do not have time or are looking for professional help, we offer the installation service of our modules. Although we have prepared detailed installation and configuration instructions for our modules, we will be happy to implement the modules at our clients’ premises. The installation performed by our team guarantees the correct operation of the module and you will avoid problems at the very beginning of offering the service. We have divided the installation service into two variants: full implementation and module installation.

Full implementation.

Full implementation is a service designed in such a way that the client gives us access to his WHMCS installation and additionally to freshly installed, clean Debian-based servers (possible other distributions – requires separate arrangements). In addition, we require that the firewall be properly configured so that WHMCS has access to the individual required servers. We then install all the necessary services, configure the module and add demo products so that the client can test the operation before the full publication of the offer. We prefer clean servers, although it is possible to implement on the existing infrastructure of Nextcloud, Minio, etc. Please take into account, however, that installation on existing servers may lead to problems, downtime in providing services on these servers due to the need to restart, etc. This option also requires additional arrangements

Installing the module.

This service involves the installation and configuration of the module itself on the existing customer infrastructure, where, depending on the module, there is already a fully configured Nextcloud / MinIO / Synology etc. installation. We assume that the client gives us access to a clean installation, but it is possible, after prior consultation, to use existing servers filled with client data. In this case, we also require the firewall to be configured so that WHMCS can access individual servers. This option requires less time from us, hence it is cheaper.

The installation service is available for each module separately. The service description for each module describes the necessary requirements for a successful installation. By default, the service includes a cheaper variant – module installs. When adding the installation service to the cart, you can choose the full implementation option, which will automatically update the price of the service.

Basic requirements for the installation of each module.
  • Access to WHMCS 8+ web ssh/ftp panel
  • Available and Correct Communication between WHMCS and other required components of insfrastructure ie: servers, routers.
  • Additional requirements are given in the description of the installation service for each module.

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