Breaking News: New Release of WHMCS Addon PUQ Customization + 90% Discount Offer!

 Thursday, June 1, 2023

Introducing the groundbreaking WHMCS Addon PUQ Customization, brought to you by PUQCloud! We're thrilled to unveil this highly anticipated module that takes your WHMCS functionality to unparalleled heights, packed with a wide range of advanced features.

But wait, there's more! For a limited time only, PUQCloud is offering an unbelievable 90% discount on the WHMCS Addon PUQ Customization. Seize this exclusive opportunity, available until the end of 2023. Now you can access this powerful module for an incredibly low price of just €2 per month or €20 per year.
More info about discount: Limited-Time Offer: Enjoy an Astounding 90% Discount!

Let's delve into the extraordinary key features of the WHMCS Addon PUQ Customization:

  • Account Statement: Seamlessly view and download PDF financial statements for enhanced financial management.
  • Auto CC Management: Empower yourself with the ability to enable or disable automatic credit card payments, giving you ultimate control over your billing preferences.
  • Blocking Ticket for Guests: Bid farewell to non-customers opening support tickets. With this feature, you can prevent unwanted ticket submissions and focus on providing exceptional support to your valued clients.
  • Cancel Fund Invoices: Say goodbye to the hassle of managing invoices generated for client credit top-ups. Easily cancel or delete them to streamline your invoicing process.
  • Client Data Archive: Safeguard your client data and IP access information with a convenient search function and real-time display. Access and manage your valuable data with ease.
  • Clients Only Access: Restrict access to your portal for non-logged-in users, ensuring privacy and security for your valued clients.
  • Credit Management: Take full control of automatic credit applications, effortlessly managing credits within your WHMCS system.
  • Disabler of Standard Elements: Customize your client area by disabling certain standard elements, tailoring it to meet your specific requirements.
  • GDPR Tools: Simplify GDPR compliance for your website, making data protection a breeze.
  • Menu Manager: Unleash your creativity and create custom menus to enhance navigation and user experience.
  • Pages Manager: Effortlessly create and manage custom pages tailored to your specific needs. Showcase important information, promotions, or additional services with ease.
  • Prorated Next Due Date: Synchronize the next payment date for all customer services, streamlining your billing cycles for maximum efficiency.
  • Support Hours Widget: Enhance customer experience by displaying a support hours widget at the top of the sidebar on the submit ticket page. Keep your clients informed about your availability and support hours, ensuring timely assistance.
  • Service Data Archive: Keep track of all changes made to service configurations, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your WHMCS system.
  • Show Services IP, Username: Enhance your invoices and service lists by displaying IP addresses and usernames, improving transparency for both you and your clients.

And that's not all! The WHMCS Addon PUQ Customization boasts even more features to elevate your WHMCS system to extraordinary levels!

PUQCloud is thrilled to welcome new ideas and expansions from you! Let's collaborate and elevate the WHMCS system to unimaginable levels together! We are eager to listen to your needs, and for every valuable advice and suggestion, we will create new extensions to enhance your WHMCS experience. We believe in the power of cooperation, and we are ready to work with you to improve the WHMCS system beyond expectations!

Don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity to elevate and personalize your WHMCS system with the WHMCS Addon PUQ Customization. Visit our website today for more information and to make your purchase. If you have any questions, our dedicated support team is standing by to assist you.

PUQCloud genuinely appreciates your support and trust in the WHMCS Addon PUQ Customization. Let's collaborate to create an exceptional experience for your WHMCS system.

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