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24th Oct 2022

New version of Proxmox KVM provisioning module for WHMCS

I am happy to announce that we just released a new 1.1 version of the Proxmox KVM provisioning module. We’ve modified the security approach to better suite cases with many proxmox servers. Changelog: Modified security Remote debug logging in the admin panel Some corrections in translations Fixed a bug that incorrectly checked if the ...

3rd Oct 2022

Gain income optimizing time for support with WHMCS billing module ‘Support by time’

If You are looking for a way to charge clients for support based on a timely basis – here’s a module for You. The whmcs hourly billing module allows you to charge your customers with subscription fees for the support provided to them. The whmcs addon module allows you to prepare multiple packages with the number of hours and prices, and then ...

21st Sept 2022

Nextcloud Whmcs provisioning module – make You clients happy!

We are pleased to announce that we have prepared a new module that allows you to sell NextCloud-based cloud accounts in the WHMCS panel. Thanks to the WHMCS provisioning module, the company is able to offer public cloud services to its customers based on Nextcloud accounts. The Nextcloud WHMCS provisioning module is used to create customer ...

21st Sept 2022

PROXMOX KVM for WHMCS Provisioning Module – make Your clients happy!

We are pleased to announce that we have started offering a new module for WHMCS which is used to create and manage virtual servers in the KVM standard using the Proxmox panel. You can start offering your customers new solutions and growing your business. The Proxmox vps for Whmcs offers great opportunities to create and manage KVM machines ...

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