Exciting Updates in Jellyfin WHMCS Module v1.1!

 Friday, November 10, 2023

Great news for Jellyfin WHMCS module users! The latest update, v1.1, released on 09-11-2023, brings some fantastic improvements to enhance your media service experience.

  1. Library Functionality Upgrade: Configuring the module is now simpler than ever. In v1.1, when setting up, typing "-" means "No libraries selected," offering more flexibility. Leaving the field empty indicates "Select all libraries," making library selection a breeze.
  2. Bug Fixes: We've listened to your feedback! Several bugs have been fixed in this update, ensuring a smoother and more reliable operation. Enjoy an improved and error-free user experience with the latest bug fixes.

Upgrade to v1.1 now to enjoy these enhancements and experience seamless media management. Whether you're a media service provider or a user, these updates cater to your needs, providing a more streamlined and efficient experience.

Don't miss out on the latest features! Upgrade your Jellyfin WHMCS module to v1.1 today. Visit our Changelog for more details and to place your order.

Discover a Better Media Service Experience with Jellyfin WHMCS Module v1.1!

WHMCS Module Jellyfin v1.1 Released on 09-11-2023

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