Introducing WHMCS Module MinIO S3 v1.5: Supporting the Latest MinIO Release and Client Area Tweaks!

 Monday, December 18, 2023

We're thrilled to unveil the latest release, version 1.5, for the WHMCS Module MinIO S3! This update comes packed with essential improvements aimed at refining your user experience. Let's dive into what's new:

  1. Support for the Latest MinIO Release: Our commitment to staying at the forefront of MinIO technology continues. Version 1.5 now seamlessly integrates with MinIO RELEASE.2023-12-14T18-51-57Z. This ensures that you can leverage the most recent features, heightened security measures, and optimizations provided by the latest MinIO release.
  2. Minor Enhancements in the Client Area: In this update, we've made subtle yet impactful changes in the client area. While minor, these tweaks are designed to further streamline your interaction and usage of the WHMCS Module MinIO S3, enhancing your overall experience.

As always, your satisfaction and ease of use remain our top priorities. We're dedicated to refining our module to best suit your needs.

We encourage all our valued users to upgrade to version 1.5 of the WHMCS Module MinIO S3 to enjoy these latest enhancements.

WHMCS Module MinIO S3 v1.5 Released on 18-12-2023

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