Breaking News: WHMCS Module Nextcloud v1.4 is Now Live!

 Thursday, December 21, 2023

We're ecstatic to unveil the latest iteration of WHMCS Module Nextcloud - version 1.4, marking a significant leap forward in elevating your cloud hosting experience. This release is power-packed with enhancements designed to streamline functionality and offer you unprecedented control. 

Here's a rundown of the pivotal updates:

Nextcloud Hub 7 (v28.0.0) Compatibility: Keeping stride with innovation, our module now seamlessly supports Nextcloud Hub 7, empowering you with the latest features and advancements packed within version 28.0.0. With this compatibility, experience the cutting-edge capabilities Nextcloud has to offer.

Client Area Revamped:

  1. Server URL Display: Now easily view the server URL with the port, ensuring transparency and clarity in your setup.
  2. Enhanced Password Control: Take charge of password display with new options:
    1. Disable Password Display: Easily disable the display of service passwords by default for added security.
    2. On-Demand Password Visibility: Introducing the "Show" button, granting users the ability to display service passwords at their discretion.
    3. Text Display Options: Choose how service passwords are displayed, offering flexibility to suit varying preferences.

Module Setting Update: For seamless functionality, don't forget to save the 'Module Setting' in your products. This ensures the module operates at its optimum level, aligning perfectly with your preferences.

Upgrade now to WHMCS Module Nextcloud v1.4 and immerse yourself in these groundbreaking enhancements. Your cloud hosting experience awaits!

For any queries, feedback, or assistance, our team stands ready to assist. 

Embrace the advancements - Upgrade to WHMCS Module Nextcloud v1.4 today!

Nextcloud WHMCS module v1.4 Released on 21-12-2023

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