WHMCS Module MinIO S3 v1.6 Unveiled: Enhanced Functionality for Optimal User Experience

 Thursday, December 21, 2023

We're thrilled to introduce the latest release, version 1.6, of the WHMCS Module MinIO S3, offering an array of fixes, enrichments, and new features tailored to elevate your user experience.

Fixed Issues: Resolved a bug that previously hindered the deletion of policies upon account deletion. 

Enhancements: Improved the API error logging system, enhancing diagnostics and simplifying troubleshooting.

New Features:

  1. Disable Bucket Creation by Default: Now, users have the option to disable bucket creation by default, granting greater control over storage management.
  2. Default Bucket Suffix: Introducing the flexibility to set a default bucket suffix, providing customization options to suit specific preferences and naming conventions.

Client Area Enhancements:

  1. Disable Display of Service Passwords: Users now have the ability to disable the default display of service passwords, ensuring enhanced security and privacy within the Client Area.
  2. "Show" Button for Password Display: The addition of a "Show" button allows users to reveal service passwords at their discretion, promoting convenience while maintaining security measures.
  3. Option for Plain Text Password Display: We've introduced settings that enable users to display service passwords in plain text, providing flexibility based on individual preferences.

Your satisfaction is at the core of our development efforts, and we're committed to continuously refining the WHMCS Module MinIO S3 to meet your evolving needs.

Upgrade now to version 1.6 and experience these latest enhancements firsthand!

WHMCS Module MinIO S3 v1.6 Released on 21-12-2023

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