Exciting Update! Emby WHMCS Module v1.2 Unleashed

 Thursday, December 21, 2023

Get ready for an enhanced Emby experience with the latest release of our Emby WHMCS Module v1.2! Packed with customer-centric improvements and increased flexibility, this update is designed to elevate your media service management to new heights.

Key Highlights of v1.2:

Client Area Enhancements:

  1. Password Display Control: Now, you're in charge! We've introduced the ability to disable the automatic display of service passwords by default in the Client Area, putting privacy in your hands.
  2. "Show" Button Functionality: Introducing the handy "Show" button! Easily reveal service passwords in the Client Area whenever needed, offering a seamless user experience.
  3. Plain Text Display Options: Need passwords in plain text? Now you've got it! We've provided customizable options to display service passwords in plain text for your convenience.

Important Note: Don't forget to save the 'Module Setting' in your products to ensure the module functions smoothly with these latest enhancements.

Upgrade to Emby WHMCS Module v1.2 today and embrace these fantastic enhancements for an even smoother and more personalized Emby media management experience!

WHMCS Module Emby v1.2 Released on 21-12-2023

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