Exciting Announcement: Developer Licenses Now Available for All Our Modules!

 Monday, September 11, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce developer licenses for all our modules! You can now efficiently utilize our products for software development and testing.

To begin, please read the regulations: Development Licenses Regulations

Available Developer Licenses (See all: https://puqcloud.com/devlicenseswhmcs):

  1. DEV Module HestiaCP (1-year)
  2. DEV Module Proxmox KVM (1-year)
  3. DEV Module Synology (1-year)
  4. DEV Addon PUQ Customization (1-year)
  5. DEV Module Business-VPN (1-year)
  6. DEV Module MinIO S3 (1-year)
  7. DEV Module Nextcloud (1-year)
  8. DEV Module Support by Time (1-year)
  9. DEV Module WireGuard Business-VPN (1-year)
  10. DEV Module WireGuard VPN (1-year)
  11. DEV Module ownCloud (1-year)
  12. DEV Module Mikrotik VPN (1-year)
  13. DEV Module Mikrotik WireGuard VPN (1-year)
  14. DEV Module Jellyfin (1-year)
  15. DEV Module Emby (1-year)

These licenses provide you with one-year access to our modules, allowing you to fully implement and test our solutions.

For pricing details, terms, and to purchase developer licenses, please contact us.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to your active engagement with our modules in development and testing!

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