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20th Nov 2023

Upgrade Alert: Emby WHMCS Module v1.1 is Here with Exciting Enhancements!

Exciting News! Emby WHMCS Module v1.1 Released We're thrilled to introduce the latest Emby WHMCS Module v1.1, packed with enhancements and fixes to elevate your media service experience. Key Highlights of v1.1: Critical Bug Fix: Resolved the critical issue with incorrect library selection functionality. Your Emby experience is now more ...

17th Nov 2023

Jellyfin WHMCS Module v1.2: Critical Bug Fixes and Enhanced Features for Seamless Media Management

We are excited to announce the release of Jellyfin WHMCS module to v1.2, a significant update that brings some fantastic improvements and bug fixing to enhance your media service experience. Critical bug fixed with incorrect libraries selection functionality Fix some bugs in the change password feature. New "Use All Libraries" checkbox in ...

10th Nov 2023

Exciting News: Emby WHMCS Module Unveiled for Enhanced Media Service Delivery!

Emby WHMCS Module Unveiled! In a significant development, the Emby WHMCS module has been introduced, marking a pivotal moment for media service providers. This advanced module seamlessly integrates with the powerful Emby platform. Key Highlights: Tailored Media Packages: The Emby WHMCS module empowers media service providers to offer a ...

10th Nov 2023

Exciting Updates in Jellyfin WHMCS Module v1.1!

Great news for Jellyfin WHMCS module users! The latest update, v1.1, released on 09-11-2023, brings some fantastic improvements to enhance your media service experience. Library Functionality Upgrade: Configuring the module is now simpler than ever. In v1.1, when setting up, typing "-" means "No libraries selected," offering more flexibility. ...

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